May 05

Debugging with Blue-Bots @RRIS

This week the Digital Leaders have been supporting children in their own class with using our new Blue-Bots to write and debug algorithms.  We used cards to write the algorithm and followed the steps as the Bluebot moved to check for bugs.  We then programmed the Blue-Bots again when we found a bug.  Some children managed to write an algorithm that was 20 instructions long!  At the end of the session we programmed all the Blue-Bots with the same algorithm and let them dance together!

Writing algorithms @RRIS

Blue-Bots Dancing @RRIS

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Apr 28

Special Visitor @RRIS

Waiting patiently!What an exciting week we had last week – in fact we could hardly contain our squeals of excitement to find that we were being visited by our local MP Clive Lewis!!! We had a briefing session before he arrived to think of some questions that we wanted to ask him (so that we didn’t waste the precious time we had with him.) We weren’t really sure what an MP did so we were keen to find out. When Mr Lewis arrived he had a tour of the school and then came to chat to us (the wait was almost unbearable!) He wanted to know about us and our radio station and then we got to ask him lots of questions like:

Why did you want to join Labour?
Where is your work and what is it called?
What does the Labour Party actually do? (how is it different from the other parties)
What do you do in your job?
Why do you think the Labour Party is fair?
Why is there a Labour Party?
Do you think it’s good that women have the vote now? (as they didn’t a long time ago)
What time does your job start?
Why can’t children vote?

We now know a lot more about what it’s like to be a politician and hopefully Mr Lewis knows a lot more about us too :)

Clive Lewis MP @RRIS

Clive Lewis MP @RRIS

Mr Lewis also wrote about us too!

“What a pleasure it was for me to spend time at the Recreation Road Infant School recently. This Norfolk County Council school is Ofsted rated as ‘outstanding’ and I can see why.

Miss Serena Dixon and Mr Michael Bunting, the job share head teachers, gave me an excellent and informative tour of the school, where I spent some time with one group of Year 2 pupils. These were preparing the weekly radio programme which goes out online. I was subjected to an intensive Q&A session: Why did I want to join Labour? Where did I work? What do I do in my job? Why is there a Labour Party? Why can’t children vote? It was easy to forget how very young they were, attentively listening to my answers.”

Thank you Mr Lewis :)

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Apr 21

Skype Chat to Junior School @RRIS

It might seem like we have gone quiet on the blog for a while but we have been working away in the background on projects! (especially Rec Road Radio)

This week, following work done in each of our Year 2 classes, we had 3 Skype chats with Year 6 from our feeder junior school, Avenue Junior as they are making us films all about the transition from infant to junior school and wanted our help. We worked in our classrooms coming up with 120 questions we were desperate to know the answers to! All the Year 6 classes took it in turns to Skype with us and answered as many questions as possible. Everyone from both schools really enjoyed the experience and RRIS children said that the prospect of going to the junior school now didn’t seem as scary :) We are really looking forward to seeing the finished film and look forward to keeping the Skype chats going.

Questions to Avenue Junior School

Taking it in turns to ask questions during Skype chat

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Feb 22

Blue-Bots Arrive! @RRIS

There was much excitement today as a big box arrived for the Digital Leaders! What could it be? A fantastic set of 6 Blue-Bots and charging dock from our very kind friends at TTS. They saw us on stage at The Bett Show in January using our Bee-Bots and thought they would send us some Blue-Bots to try. We couldn’t wait to get them out of their boxes and switched on! We loved the way they had a clear outside case so could see all the workings and the very cool lights. Next it’s connecting them up to our tabs – check back here soon to see what we think!Unboxing Blue-Bots @RRISUnboxing Blue-Bots @RRISUnboxing Blue-Bots @RRISUnboxing Blue-Bots @RRISBlue-Bots @RRIS

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Feb 02

Our Presentation at BETT @RRIS

What an amazing day! 22 excited Digital Leaders with their parents and carers travelled to London for the day to take part in a presentation at the ExCel Centre.  Lots of people had to get up early to catch the train or start their car journey.  Everyone made sure they had some lunch before the show started at 12.45pm!  We were all a bit nervous but soon got over it as the audience were very nice and clapped and cheered us :)  Some Digital Leaders spoke on stage, others took photographs, some programmed Beebots and others used our new Spheros and Ollies. Our presentation didn’t seem to last long and soon it was the turn of the Digital Leaders from Myrtle Park Primary School, King Edward VI School and Lady Lumley’s School. Everyone did an amazing job and should be very proud of themselves. When everyone had finished their presentation, we took questions from the audience – some were a bit tricky to answer!

After the presentation the TTS stand spoke to us, saying what a great job we had done with the beebots and that they would like to visit us and bring us some new bluebots to test out – we can’t wait!  Lots of people have also contacted us about starting Digital Leaders and their own radio station, so we are looking forward to keeping in contact with them.

Some of the Digital Leaders stayed at BETT for the rest of the day looking around all the stands and playing with the toys and equipment whilst others nipped off in to London to have a look around and visit museums.

Everyone agreed that it was a totally brilliant day and one that they wouldn’t forget in a long time.  If you want to hear more about it, why not tune in to our Rec Road Radio station on Friday at 2.30pm or listen to our podcast.

Jan 18

Super Spheros! @RRIS

We were all very excited when some new programmable toys arrived in school – Spheros and Ollies!  Sphero Education were very kind to donate them for us to use in our BETT Show presentation on January 22nd at the Excel Centre in London.  They were a little tricky to manoeuvre to start with but once everyone got the hang of it, they went where they should!  Everyone is looking forward to taking them to BETT and showing the audience what they can do.

Spheros and Ollies @RRIS

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