Jul 17

The ICT Tasks @RRIS

With the interviews over it was time for the task.  The DLs came up with a list of things they wanted the candidates to do and sat with them to offer support.  The DLs were able to use their skills to teach some new things too.

“They were really good, lots of them knew how to use Textease really well.”

Jul 09

The Interviews are Done @RRIS

Phew! What a big job to interview all 71 applicants! Some people were a little bit nervous (including me!) but everyone had a smile at the end.  The digital leaders all agreed that the final decisions were going to be really difficult as everyone was so keen.  All the applicants will now have a skills test on the pc and iPad whilst being supported by a digital leader.

“I would choose her, she seemed the most confident and knew a lot about Textease.”

“He wasn’t shy and sounded like he really wanted to do it.”


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Jul 03

The Applications are in! @RRIS

All the digital leader applications for September 2014 are finally in – with an amazing 70 children applying!  An interview letter has been sent out to everyone with their date and time and they are all really looking forward to it.  The interviews will take place on Monday and Tuesday of next week.  All the current digital leaders will help with at least one interview, with lots of big decisions to be made!

“I really enjoyed being interviewed and I can’t wait to be the person doing the interviewing.”

Interview Letter

Jun 30

Brunswick Digital Leaders Kent IT14 Conference

Jun 30

My time as a Brunswick Digital Leader

I became a digital leader in Year 4 and was interviewed Ebony who was in Year 5. For my interview, I created a poster explaining what I had to offer the digital leader role. Also I demonstrated how to use Espresso and find particular resources. As I demonstrated Ebony made notes about how well I presented. Next thing I knew, I was employed as a digital leader. During my time as a digital leader, run several teacher training sessions showing the teachers how to use Windows Movie Maker, Apps on the iPad, Scratch, Programming resources, Animoto. I have also had the opportunity to represent the digital leaders at various conferences: Night zookeeper Kidsmeet at the Night zookeeper offices and at BETT13, Optimus Education Outstanding Computing and ICT Conference 2014 and Kent IT14 Conference. From my experiences, I have learned to believe in myself, be more confident and that I would love to become a teacher.

By Claudia Year 6

Jun 26

The New Nightzookeeper Website

The Nightzookeeper asked us Brunswick Digital Leaders to review the new website. “We love the creativity of the new site!” said Elidir from Year 2. “I like having the opportunity to create my own animals and use my imagination.” exclaimed Henry from Year 3. Leo explained ” I enjoyed making new animals that you might not get in the real world.” Anything that is created has to be approved by our parents. This means nothing silly is posted. The new site is presented like a game as you create animals, the monsters decrease in number. You have the option to battle against the monster and you can decide if you watch the battle or not. The website is better suited to Foundation and Year 1 as it has clear instructions and shows you where to click next.

More details to follow.

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