Oct 13

Creating Avatars @RRIS

This week the Digital Leaders have been busy creating their own avatars which will go on their ID cards for their new lanyards. We talked about how important it is not to use your own photograph on the internet as we don’t know who we might meet! We experimented with Doppel Me and Lego Mini Mizer and created lots of interesting characters. Lots of people said they wanted to go home and have a try making their own. In a few weeks time all the DL’s will be showing their own classes how to make them. Can you guess who is who?

RRIS DL Lanyard avatars


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Sep 28

Designing Our New Logo @RRIS

Our next job is to design our new logo to go on our ID cards and lanyards – which design would you choose?

Designing New Logo @RRIS Designing New Logo @RRIS Designing New Logo @RRIS

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Sep 28

Signing our Job Agreement @RRIS

After all the hard work we did last week, our job agreement is here! Everyone signed it and is looking forward to getting started with their jobs.

   Digital Leader Job Agreement Digital Leader Job Agreement Digital Leader Job Agreement Digital Leader Job Agreement

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Sep 23

Our First Meeting @RRIS

Didn’t those summer holidays whizz by quickly? We were all so excited to be back and find out who the Digital Leaders and Helpers for 2016 were and we made the announcement in a special Rec Road Radio broadcast – which you can listen to here.

Our new leaders are:

Millie, Mia, Archie, Leo, Bea, Alice

Billy, Percy, Bethany, Biba, Elizabeth, Elsie

William, Elliott, Marlie, Lola, Hanna, Tilly

Mia, Rosie, Jacob, Clara, Freddie, Ben

We are going to meet up in 2 groups once a week and in our very first meeting we needed to decide on our job role and the responsibilities we would have. We worked with a new partner and came up with a list then put all our ideas together – next week we will all sign the agreement. We really enjoyed getting to know new friends :)



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Jun 16

The Day Has Arrived @RRIS

After being teased all week with posters advertising a mystery event, the Year 1 children received an amazing presentation assembly by all 23 Digital Leaders! The DLs planned what they wanted to say and stood up bravely in front of 120 children to talk about being a Digital Leader at RRIS. We showed lots of pictures of all the things we had done since starting last September and finished the assembly with details of how you can apply. You need to be quick as the closing date is next Wednesday!

Digital Leader Assembly @RRIS Digital Leader Assembly @RRIS Talking about being a DL @RRIS

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