Nov 15

Digital Team Badges Arrive @RRIS

Thanks to Olly’s amazing design, our new team badges look amazing. I can’t wait to award them in assembly.
RRIS Digital Leader Team Badges

Nov 11

Ofsted @RRIS

Just before half term our school was visited by special people who came to see all the things that we were learning. They wrote a report about it all and the Digital Leaders got two special mentions :)


Nov 11

Creating Avatars @RRIS

The DL’s wanted to have their own avatar on the blog and on their lanyard, so we created them using the doppelme website. We had lots of fun and can’t wait to show everyone else how to make theirs.

Using doppelme website


Oct 24

Our visit to the Apple Store

From Roydon Digital Leaders:

Yesterday we went to the apple store in Norwich. When we first got there we were given an Apple store T-shirt that was bright yellow.

The app we used was called garage band and we used ear phones so our music could be heard. On Garage Band we played on lots of different instruments like drums, guitar, bass and piano. The aim was to make a piece of music that we could play infront of our classmates and some members of the general public.

The instructors names were Bastian and Eunice and at the end they said we could keep the t-shirt, headphones and the song bracelet with a certificate. It was a brilliant morning!  By Willow and Emily








Oct 15

Learning to take Photographs @RRIS

Taking photographs and video is a big part of the Digital Leaders job and so we thought it was really important to have some lessons about how to take a good photograph. We used compact cameras, Galaxy tabs and iPads and compared how easy they were to use. We shared our photographs at the end of the session, saying what we liked about them and how they could be improved (if at all!)

Using an ipad Using a Galaxy tab

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