Jan 18

Finished E-safety Board Games @RRIS

The Digital Leaders have worked so hard – here are our first set of finished games – why not download them and play them in your school on Safer Internet Day! Click on the links underneath the pictures – you should be able to print them out at A4 size.

E-safety Board Game @RRISAmelie and Bea E-safety Board Game @RRISWilliam and Elliott E-safety Board Game @RRISMia and Alice E-safety Board Game @RRISMarlie and Hanna E-safety Board Game @RRISLola and Tilly
E-safety Board Game @RRISLeo and Archie

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Jan 16

Making E-safety Board Games @RRIS

This half term the Digital Leaders and year 2 are making board games for the year 1 children to play based around the theme of e-safety.  Firstly we designed the game on paper and are now transferring that to Textease – using snap to grid to make the game look super smart.  We will be adding a bit to the game board each week ready to play it in our Internet Safety week.

E-safety Board Games @RRIS E-safety Board Games @RRIS E-safety Board Games @RRIS E-safety Board Games @RRIS

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Jan 06

Safer Internet Day 2017 @RRIS

Our school has registered to be a Safer Internet Day supporter and over the next 5 weeks all the year 2 children will be designing esafety board games for the year 1 children to play.  We will be having an extra special focus in Internet Safety Day week too.


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Dec 04

Learning to Take Photos @RRIS

This week we have been thinking about what makes a good photograph and we found out that taking a good one is a lot harder than just pointing the ipad and clicking the buttton!  We tried to make sure that our photos were in focus, that the subject matter was central (and that we didn’t cut off heads or feet), that we didn’t focus on the wrong thing – like the carpet, wall or ceiling!  We shared our photos with each other at the end of the session and thought about what went well and what didn’t!  We will use everything we have learnt to take some great photos for our iMovies which we will be making after Christmas.Taking Photos @RRIS Taking Photos @RRIS Taking Photos @RRIS

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Nov 24

Taking Our Esafety Survey @RRIS

What busy bees we have  been this week!  On Monday afternoon some of the digital leaders sat one to one with some children from Owl’s class to support them with creating their posters using the Pixabay images they had saved from the previous week.  If that wasn’t enough work they then helped out with a survey!  Using google forms all the digital leaders answered some questions about esafety, which is going to be really helpful in making sure everyone knows how to keep safe when using the internet and mobile devices.  Good job everyone :)

Technology Survey @RRIS Technology Survey @RRIS

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Nov 19

Our Lanyards Have Arrived @RRIS

It’s been a long wait, but well worth it!  The Digital Leaders were very excited to receive their new lanyards and identity badges in assembly (especially as it was Children in Need day and some were dressed up too!)  We would like to say a big thank you to Identibadge who sponsored us and did such a fantastic job and made them look so amazing.

RRIS Digital Leader Team

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