Jan 22

More Beebots @RRIS

After spending last week exploring how a beebot worked and how we could use cards to write an algorithm, this week we worked out routes for our beebots, getting them to the honey pots!  We then got in to teams and raced against each other – some of the routes were really difficult and had “no-go” squares to avoid!Working out a routeWorking togetherWho will get there first?

Jan 15

Beebot Algorithms @RRIS

This week we were excited to get our new beebots and we were using direction cards to write algorithms.  We then got in pairs and extended our algorithms and decided to program them all to do the same dance!  We all had great fun and are going to show the rest of our classes how to do it too.


Dec 10

Creating Animations @RRIS

This week the DL’s have been using the iPads and computers to make animations.  They experimented with Pivot Stickman and Animator Free so that we could use what they had learnt to go back to their classrooms to teach the rest of their class.  Here is Alice’s Story of the Butterfly (it has a bit of a sad ending!) Brilliant job for a first attempt :)

Pivot Stickfigure
Using Animator Free app


Dec 04

Making Sign-a-long Videos @RRIS

Lots of staff and children at school are learning how to use Sign-a-long signing language and so the DI’s  thought it was a good idea to make some videos to help remind everyone of the signs.  We worked in pairs with one person performing the sign and the other person using an iPad to record it, then swapping over.  At the end of the session we looked at the recordings and worked out what looked good and how we could improve them when we have another go.  Everyone really enjoyed the experience and thought how useful the videos will be around school.Recording Sign-a-long Recording Sign-a-long

Nov 27

Esafety Posters @RRIS

From DL’s at RRIS http://rrisdigitalleaders.primaryblogger.co.uk/

Here are a couple of the posters the DL’s made to display around school – we made 24 in total so there should be lots of reminders in classrooms and corridors. The DL’s also shared lots of Textease tips and tricks with their classmates to help speed up poster making :) Click to enlarge the posters.

Miles Esafety Poster

Arwen Esafety Poster

Nov 15

Digital Team Badges Arrive @RRIS

Thanks to Olly’s amazing design, our new team badges look amazing. I can’t wait to award them in assembly.
RRIS Digital Leader Team Badges

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