Apr 29

New Smart Watch Designs @RRIS

With the launch of a new watch that works with your mobile phone, this week the DLs thought about what they would like a watch to do.  Someone suggested it spoke jokes to you to cheer you up :) (think we might send that idea to Apple!) Everyone was amazed at how small the watch was and at all the clever things that it could do.

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Apr 20

Making a Flappy Bird game @RRIS

This afternoon the Digital Leaders made their own Flappy Bird games with the help of the code.org website.  They worked through the activities and felt confident at the end to have a go themselves.  They were able to change many variables like the icon for the player (Superman, Batman or the Easter Bunny for example), the background for the game (underwater, in a cave or in the night sky) and the type of obstacle to avoid (pipes, plants, chimneys.)  At the end of the afternoon many had earned their Hour of Code certificates and were keen to let others play their game.  All the Digital Leaders are looking forward to sharing what they have learnt with their class.  Why not click on the picture below and have a go at the game Olly made – you can’t die in it as he didn’t want to make it too difficult!

Flappy Bird RRIS

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Apr 17

Lunchtime Code Club has started @RRIS

The DL’s and Helpers were excited as our new Code Club started on Tuesday lunchtimes.  We used the website Code.org and started off at the beginning on course 1.  Everyone worked at their own speed but picked it up very quickly and were soon whizzing through the activities.  Everyone is looking forward to coming back next week to hopefully get their Hour of Code certificate.

Angry Birds at Code.org RRIS Angry Birds at Code.org RRIS


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Mar 26

What an amazing day at the NEC @RRIS

With much excitement the day we had been looking forward to had finally arrived!  The DLs got up early for their 3 hour journey to the NEC with the added bonus of seeing the solar eclipse on the way.  Each pair of DLs had a tab with them to document the day and what a lot of photographs and video they took!

Once we had checked in and received our special ID passes everyone looked around, playing and testing out all the fantastic toys and technology (plus who knew we could even travel to Hogwarts?) A quick stop for a nibble of lunch before our presentation was in order and then we were on stage.  Everyone managed to hide their nerves (maybe that was just Mrs S) and answered questions from the audience.  Sadly the Skype chat back to school didn’t go quite as planned but at least the audience did get to see the other DLs for a minute.  All the DLs and their parents said how much they enjoyed the day and hoped that lots more schools would start having Digital Leaders to link up and share ideas with.

We would also like to say a really big thank you to Hoodies4Schools who sponsored us with our amazing logo tshirts and Identibadge who donated our personalised lanyards – we all thought how brilliant we looked.


Mar 17

We’re off to the NEC @RRIS

We are so excited to say that we have been invited to make a presentation at The Education Show at Birmingham NEC on Friday 20th March.  12 of the Digital Leaders and their parents will be coming along and we can’t wait to tell everyone about what we do!  Not all the Digital Leaders are able to come so they made a little video for everyone at the show to see.  Check back here soon to find out how we got on.

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Mar 07

Recording World Book Day Assembly 2015 @RRIS

What an amazing sight!  240 Year 1 and 2 children all dressed as book characters enjoying a singing assembly together.

World Book Day 2015 World Book Day 2015World Book Day 2015


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