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Dec 10

Creating Animations @RRIS

This week the DL’s have been using the iPads and computers to make animations.  They experimented with Pivot Stickman and Animator Free so that we could use what they had learnt to go back to their classrooms to teach the rest of their class.  Here is Alice’s Story of the Butterfly (it has a bit of …

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Oct 15

Learning to take Photographs @RRIS

Taking photographs and video is a big part of the Digital Leaders job and so we thought it was really important to have some lessons about how to take a good photograph. We used compact cameras, Galaxy tabs and iPads and compared how easy they were to use. We shared our photographs at the end …

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May 22

Testing New Apps @RRIS

All our iPads have had some new apps put on them and the Digital Leaders really enjoyed testing them out!  The green screen app was really popular – have a look at where these girls went!

May 17

A project for Uphall’s Digital Leaders

Our digital leaders have been busy interviewing teachers around school for Miss Newbigging. They did sound only interviews with 3 teachers, discussing group reading. Next week they are going to take some photographs of classes group reading. I asked them what they could do with these photographs to present them. They suggested iMovie, powerpoint, animoto, …

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May 11

Using Primary Aged Digital Leaders

This guest post by Rebecca Stacey can be found on her blog here.   Using Digital Leaders in school has been one of the easiest decisions I’ve made! Thanks to a really great showcase of blogs and community at the Digital Leader Network site it is really easy to get involved! So what is the idea?  Digital leaders …

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Mar 08

Teaching the teachers

  As Digital Leaders, we are meant to be the experts on iPads! So, today the teachers requested for our help using iMovie. we demonstrated on how to use iMovie and told them all they need to know. We made some short example videos, then used airplay to give a real explanation. All teachers had …

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