Nov 27

Blogging rules Dos and Don’ts

At Spring Cottage Primary School, in year 6 each child has their own blog space to post their school work. If you would like to see our pupil blogs go to this address, WWW.6aclasswall.posterous.com. To keep everyone safe at Spring Cottage we use a set of blogging rules and these what they are: Don`ts 1) Never give away any personal information. 2) Don’t post pictures of yourself without permission. 3) Never give your log details to your self. 4) Never use text language in your posts. Do`s 1) If you receive a comment it is polite to reply. 2) Also comment on different peoples wall. 3) If the post has not come on your teacher might have to moderate it. 4) If something comes on the screen that should not be just tell your teacher. 5) Do visit other class blogs. 6) Try to show off your best work.



By Ewan

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