Jun 26

Brunswick Digital Leaders present at Kent IT14 Conference

On Thursday 11th of June Brunswick DL’s went to IT14 conference. We did a presentation on what digital leaders rolls are in the school and I had to talk about the application and interview process. It lasted for 40 minutes but we stayed there for the whole day and also got a delicious cooked lunch. I had pasta with tomato puree and some pork and also pudding which was lots of little slices of cheesecake and mouses and some fruit. There was a huge exhibition of stalls my favorite one was a flat smart-board which was flat and we were playing a game on it which you had to get the times table cars. We could get lots of different biscuits at any time we want. We had an excellent day and all really enjoyed it and hope to do it again.

Presented by Claudia (Y6), Grace (Y5), Joel (Y4) and Elidir (Y2).



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