Oct 23

Brunswick House DLmeet Mission Two By Annabelle

My Mission Two By Annabelle



I use Edmodo with my school and my teacher and we use Edmodo so that we can talk to other schools and chat about what we are going to do in digital leaders.


I log on to Edmodo every 2 weeks or so and I go on it as soon as I get home.


If Edmodo was not with us in this day and age I will be devastated and I do not know how we would have such fun lessons in digital leaders.


I really like talking to new people and meeting new teachers.


I think the website can be improved by not having a log in because you can forget your password.




  1. @SheliBB

    I hope you get to have some nice chats with the digital leaders at Roydon Annabelle! They use Edmodo too and they really like it. Did you see Eloise’s review about it?

  2. Night Zookeeper

    This seems to be a popular website Annabelle! Thanks for your excellent review of it, hopefully this will encourage others to explore it.

    I especially enjoyed the way you thought critically and suggested improvements that they could make.

    Watch out for mission three appearing on the blog soon!

    Night Zookeeper Paul

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