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BYOD In Schools: Staff training

BYOD Implementation In Schools – Part 3: Staff training

A BYOD roll-out in any school is a massive under-taking. It represents nothing less than a seismic shift in teaching and learning in schools, and lifts the glass ceiling off the heads of student achievement by giving them a huge degree of independence. Potentially.

But there are a multitude of possible pitfalls in this process, and one is staff buy-in. Staff are perhaps the pivot of any such roll-out: Its success or failure depends entirely on how much they embrace the possibilities of mobile technology. If they don’t, then students won’t even be able to get their devices out in the classroom. If they dabble, then the chances are that a great deal of effort will be wasted trying to engineers opportunities to be seen to be “using technology” in classrooms without having any real impact on teaching and learning. But if teachers understand just how fundamentally teaching and learning can be revolutionised by mobile technology, and are well-trained in how to use it, then the effect can be transformative.

I know of several schools who have gone down BYOD (or even iPad) routes, offered a day of CPD at the start of an academic year as the “new thing”, and within a week of the new term being underway, everything has been forgotten, and the roll-out falls flat on its face. At Finham Park, we are taking our time over this crucial phase of the process, because of its afore-mentioned importance. I hope this description of our training proves useful. As usual, any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask or comment…

BYOD Implementation In Schools – Part 3: Staff training


BYOD: The importance of staff training

How not to do it…

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