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Aug 02

Implementing BYOD In Schools: Policies, training and trialling

A BYOD implementation strategy for a whole-school has to be more water-tight than a duck: Forgive me if I lapse into jargon. There are so many different aspects which have to be lined up simultaneously that at times it feels like shooting basketballs into hoops but only getting points if five go in at exactly …

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Jul 31

Taxonomy of an iPad lesson

When people first hear about our BYOD scheme at Finham Park, they’re usually impressed with the potential, the enthusiasm of the students, and the number of clear advantages they can cite from the work we’ve done. But the devil is always in the detail, in working out how to incorporate the full potential of BYOD …

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Jul 31

Finham Park: The roots of our BYOD journey

Ever since I’ve been using BYOD in my lessons in school (I work in a secondary school in Coventry), I’ve also looked at a variety of other pedagogies which I think are particularly well served by it. One of these pedagogies is the idea of flipped learning, an idea which has been around for years, …

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Jun 14

Live Writing with the NightZookeeper, Roydon Primary, Diss Primary and All Saints

Today, we took part in a live writing session. The Digital Leaders had the chance to share their favourite apps. They also reviewed Hopscotch and the new Night Zookeeper app. You can see what we talked about below.

Jan 28

Our Digital Leader Journey by missb

Through the power of Twitter, I discovered the idea of Digital Leaders from @chrismayoh and @SheliBB. What a wonderful initiative to empower the children and to develop  the ever changing face of ICT in our school.  Initially when I set up the Digital Leaders now a year ago, I opened applications up to Year 5 …

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Jan 21

Keep calm and ask a Digital Leader.

Keep Calm

  Above is a recent image that will be distributed to all staff to re assure them that the Digital Leaders @PriroyCSA are here to help. Feel free to use the same idea for your Digtial Leaders. I produced the image ‘Keep Calm’ image using Enjoy @PCSADigiLeaders

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