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The draft computing curriculum may cause panic in some schools, so I propose that we support our colleagues, unpick the language and provide examples of how this can be delivered – with the help of our student digital leaders of course! Between us we can show other teachers how progression can be achieved by sharing quality resources and ideas that we have already tried and tested. To start with, this can be achieved through this google doc.

It is a crowd-sourced collaborative document. If you have ideas, please add them to the grids, providing your name and contact (if you don’t mind) so that your support and further information can be requested.

Many thanks for your help! Let’s get schools in the UK computing confidently!

Sheli Blackburn



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  1. Sandra Simpkin

    Ks2- children really engage with Kodu game lab from Microsoft. Easy way to begin to understand when and do and great graphics.

  2. Johnny

    Great post Sheli! Lets hope they implement it well throught the UK.
    My website provides interactive lessons for PSHE education which may be of interest to you.

  3. Paul Adams

    Great site – will be using to help us plan computing for next year.
    Paul Adams

  4. Carina

    I have been working on the ICT area of our school website to create an information section for parents, I would love some feedback and ideas of what else I could add.

  5. Steve Jenkinson

    Range of paid for courses aimed at 8-14 years old. Video tutorials exercises and tests which review what has been learnt.

    too expensive at the moment for a whole class approach at £150 a studnet and bizarrely the authors are only aiming it at home schooled children in the States,

    The programme of study has a lot more scope than the current marketing of the product.

    My 6 year old was so desperate to make his own Minecraft mod that I am now sitting with him and learning Java in my own time at home. Okay it cost £150 but as a one off fair enough.

    Still amazed that they haven’t clicked how massive their product could be with the right sort of marketing!

    Computing and History Teacher

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