Mar 09

Creating a Comic Strip Story @RRIS

This week the digital leaders have been using the Zimmer Twins website to make their own animated comic strip stories.  In fact one of the Reception classes saw what we had done and had a go making one together which is amazing!

“I started off picking what I wanted the character to do and then I got a speech bubble and started to write!  You can choose between 3 different characters.  It is easy to make a story quickly.  I am going to make one at home.”

“I made a story about 13 the cat, he teleports and goes in a trolley!  It’s really random!”

“My story is about the cat it teleports in the park.  It is really easy to do.  I am looking forward to teaching my class how to do it.”

“The cat was sleeping and wakes up and the girl is there and he speaks to her.  It is easy to make a story.  I really liked it.”

“The characters go to a rock competition and they teleport to a forest and outer space.  It is easy to do.”

“The boy goes on stage and plays his guitar and the girl goes on too and plays her guitar and they sing too.”

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