Aug 14

Designing badges for digital leaders: guest post by Lucy Neale

DigitalMe and SSAT are working with teachers and students across the country to design and develop a groundbreaking accreditation system for Digital Leaders – students who take a lead in the use and implementation of technology, both in school and in their community.

We held a brilliant design day back in January, which allowed teachers, young people and industry to learn about Open Badges and help us to shape a new national badge programme for the Digital Leader programme. Since then, we’ve been busy forming all the ideas gathered on the day into a new set of badges, in collaboration with the SSAT and other Digital Leader supporters.

The Digital Leader badge framework is a first draft of a badge system which will accredit the skills Digital Leaders demonstrate through their activities in and out of school, and will encourage them to take on new challenges, expand their knowledge and develop new skills.

DL badges diagram 2There are 3 national Digital Leader badges – Explorer, Reactor and Project. Students can work towards these badges by first earning smaller skill and role badges. Skill badges cover expertise using specific websites, software or hardware and role badges represent the roles learners take on such as IT Help Desk or Presenter.

Different combinations of these smaller badges add up to the Digital Leader badges, which progress through 3 levels – from exploring, researching and presenting new technology, responding to a brief set by a teacher or a tech organisation, up to working as a team to design and implement their own digital project. Digital Leaders who make a long term contribution and have positive impact on the school’s use of technology can also be awarded the Digital Disrupter badge.

We’ve been inviting comments and suggestions from our Digital Leader community, and will be re-drafting the system, and creating designs for the badges very soon. If you would like to get involved in Digital Leaders, or implement the badges in your school, please fill in your contact details below.

Final badge canvasInterested in developing digital badges? We’re launching Badge the UK, a two year project funded by the Nominet Trust, which will enable us to help teachers, employers and social enterprises to badge their learning programmes and provide an easy way for any teacher to award the badges they create nationwide. Find out more and register your interesthere.

Want to get started designing your own digital badges? Download our badge design canvas.



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