Apr 14

Digital Citizenship Assemblies

This week sees Clevedon Digital Leaders taking to the stage to run four assemblies; one for each of the four houses at our school.

The assemblies are focussing on responsible use of technology in the classroom and how we, as digital leaders support both staff and students in their use of technology. We will also be giving feedback and advice on how all students can be responsible in their use of technology.

We run daily genius bars for students and staff to attend which we organise ourselves. The genius bar is organised by one of the senior digital leaders. We have a number of different managers who organise different roles for our digital leaders. We have a bar manager, social media manager, blog manager, events manager, screencast manager and each manager has a team of DLs working with them. We run the meetings we have each week too although Mr Anderson does help out (although he is sometimes late).

We can be recognised around the school by the badges we wear:

Ten of our Digital Leaders will be speaking in the assemblies this week ranging from  Year 7 to Year 12 with six boys and four girls.

Wish us luck!

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