Jul 16

Digital Leader Award

On Saturday 14th July 2012 Tom Hakes received the Digital Leadership Award from the Raspberry Pi Foundation at Cambridge University for his work on the Raspberry Pi. The award was presented by Eben Upton from the foundation and Rory Cellan Jones from the BBC said that he was particularly impressed by Tom’s work, Mark Dorling from the Computing at Schools also said that he was very impressed that Tom had gotten into Python and was coding in his own time. Jon Crowcroft from Cambridge University said that he looked forward to his application and Dr Andrew Robinson said that he hoped he would also consider Manchester University where he could help out with PiFace. James Abela Head of IT at Finborough enthused,”He even managed to get his Raspberry Pi before me and his development on Python has been outstanding. I look forward to seeing his coding go from strength to strength.”


  1. Leon Cych

    I was amazed to see how far the Digital Leaders idea has moved in such a short time – excellent day.

  2. Andy Knill

    Tom is an example I mentioned to my Digital Leader meeting today and advised some Raspberry Pi research over the summer holidays for our 2012/13 programme.
    Thanks for an inspiring lead.

  3. Thep Kuechel

    Congratulations Tom; hope to follow your work.

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