Mar 13

Digital Leader Dropbox #DLDropBox


Some time ago I set up the DLDropBox as a means for teachers to share and share-alike their resources, assemblies, protocols etc related to Digital Leaders. It’s been very popular with more than 100 people joining the shared folder. To join simply sign up via the following Google Form: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1wYRrUsqO3eZ4SQZxUccnGrlWwcyK5Ih4Wiy61Y_COYE/viewform

I will endeavour to add people as quickly as possible. If I haven’t done so very quickly, then please get in touch via Twitter on @ICTEvangelist


  1. Abigail Davies

    Please could I be added to the DLDropbox.

  2. Mark richardson

    Please could I be added to the Dropbox Mark?

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