Sep 21

Digital leader interviews

Last year when I interviewed digital leaders I organised it so that I did individual interviews in the morning and a group interview in the afternoon. The group interview was an observed task; they accessed Kodu and I pointed them in the direction of a  tutorial, then observed how they extended their own learning.

This year, due to time constraints, I did it slightly differently. I interviewed 13 digital leaders from years 6 and 5 in the morning. There were some notable interviewees like Alfie who managed to get a ‘Miranda-ism’ into the interview! When asked if he had any questions, his response was, ‘When lightning strikes the sea why doesn’t it kill all the fish?!’ Try keeping a straight face with a response like that! The digital leaders ranged from quirky and confident to shy and nervous, but they all had good ideas and made valid comments. Interestingly, like last year, they are predominantly girls. Only 1 boy applied. I need to find out why this is.

Instead of the afternoon group activity I set up a task card for them to do. They will be employed if they fulfill the first two tasks. The first is to email me an attachment of their choice (to prove they can email or learn how to). The second is to fill in the document below, which is on the digital leader page of the school website. The third task is to access the BrainPop website as we will be reviewing it this term. 

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  1. Ross Mannell

    Alfie’s question is a classic example of what can happen when our questions are open ended of our young students. For Alfie, here is a link to possible reasonable answer to his question…

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