Apr 22

Digital Leader Network YouTube Channel

One of the things that inspired me at #gtauk was the learning that can be achieved through youtube. The idea of creating a youtube channel where digital leaders share their skills and teach others was very appealing. A bank of resources made collaboratively. Perfect! 

So the Digital Leader Network Youtube channel has been created and is ready to be populated with lots of lovely tips, tutorials and ideas. I know that some of you have made films already, if you would like to share them please let us know! Here is an example to whet your appetite. 

If you would like your digital leaders to create a film, check out the 
doc here, which provides some ideas of tutorials that could be contributed. https://docs.google.com/a/norfolkadvisory.co.uk/document/d/1zuJBkAQN-ilz28QL13wlvnbDixFYirEleh_BUt3-hK8/edit  Add your names to the items you would like to do. These will potentially support teachers and students all over the world! 

Once again, I would like to thank you to everyone who continues to make this digital 
leader network project a success!



  1. Mr Mayoh

    The YouTube channel is a great way to share video resources. Thanks for setting it up. I can just envisage a huge number of pupil-created resources forming the basis for staff training in the future – far more interesting than listening to a load of teachers waffling on!

  2. Lewis Smallwood

    What is the link to the youtube channel? :)

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