Sep 22

Digital Leaders at St Christopher’s Week 3-Launching our E-Safety Week-Assembly

I know that I have some of the best Digital Leaders in the country! The work that our Digital Leaders did this week proved how much potential they have for the upcoming year.

On Friday, I had to run a whole school assembly. I knew that the Digital Leaders might be able to help. When I asked them, they were desperate to get involved; I knew that they would be! They quickly decided that the assembly should be based around E-Safety and that it would be the ideal chance to launch our E-Safety week, that was happening soon

The plan for was me (Mr May) to run the first part of the assembly and then for Digital Leaders to take over-I had no idea what they were going to do. The only rule I gave them was that it must mention the rules of ‘Zip it, Block it and Flag it!”

I started off by talking about the massive range of devices that we have today that can access the Internet:
-Games Consoles

This really got the children thinking. We then moved on to look at what had happened to one of my friends online and the negative experience that he had. We then talked about Paris Brown who lost her job as the Youth Police Commissioner because of Tweets/messages she had posted over two years ago-ONLINE REPUTATION IS IMPORTANT. We discussed how once something is on the Internet, that you can’t take it back.

Then it was over to the Digital Leaders…

WOW-Unknown to me, the Digital Leader team had created 6 different characters (dressed up with face paints too) who has all experienced some kind of issue online. They did an amazing presentation about the key rules, showed us a dance and came u with actions for each rules. The plan is for the children to use these characters as teaching points over the next week but also the next few months. They were so creative and hard working that I am worried about them taking my job!

I am SO excited to be working with such a dedicated team of Digital Leaders-after less than 3 weeks thy are already having a positive impact!

Mr May


If you want to read more then please visit our blog: http://blog.st-christophers.stockport.sch.uk/?p=1161

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  1. Rebecca

    Really liked reading this – thank you for sharing. I’ve linked it to my site – which I hope is okay – as a way of sharing how Digital Leaders can support whole school e-safety!

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