Jan 03

Digital Leaders Badges 1

This post is to talk about our progress with Digital Leaders and starting on the path of Digital Badges, but I want to start this post with this picture…

Maddie, working with a mixed group of KS3 and KS4 SDLs.  I am so pleased to get little snapshots like this of seeing students benefit from the teamwork and responsibilities of SDL work, but always tempered with the thought that this is but a drop in the ocean with the uncertainty in ICT in Education at the moment.

Another highlight was Will (KS4 DL) overhearing me talk about digital disruption, and asking about it when we came onto discussing roles.  If you refer to their video link “Lessons – an arid desert of ICT” then it will come as no surprise that Will has chosen a badge for Digital Disrupter.  I look forward to the design…

The rest of this post is here.


  1. Chris Cox

    I enjoyed watching the video of your fantastic work over the last year. Keep up the good work.

    Can I recommend you check out http://www.zondle.com which is a fantastic site for fun revision. Make sure you explore zondle team play which could help your teachers transform their lessons when they use a powerpoint presentation.

    1. @gr8ict

      Thanks Chris – I will show the DLs at their meeting on Tuesday.

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