Jan 19

Digital Leaders Interview Professor Stephen Heppell

On Tuesday 15th January, 2013, I was very proud to have two of my Digital Leaders interview IPACA Patron Professor Stephen Heppell. Professor Stephen Heppell, has a strong personal commitment to the area of Portland
and understands the educational landscape in detail. He is passionate about ensuring that young people on Portland have access to the best education we can provide.

Stephen is a visionary educationalist and Chair in New Media Environments, Centre for Excellence in Media Practice, Bournemouth University. Stephen has a remarkable track record in designing innovative large scale
projects over three decades, and is acknowledged internationally as a leader in the fields of learning, new media and technology. Speaking about IPACA, Stephen says, “I am delighted to be involved in the evolution of this exciting new
Academy for Portland. With my grandchildren currently at school on Portland I am very aware of the things we already do so well in our local schools. As a professor in England and in Spain I am lucky to be directly involved in some remarkably effective school projects around the world and to see the things that they do exceptionally well too. I’m honoured and thrilled to be able to play my part in developing IPACA as a world class Academy”.

To see the video recording in full, please see below:



  1. Mr Mayoh

    What a brilliant interview! I found it so interesting to watch – great questions and a very confident Digital Leader interviewer.

    Fab work, well done!

    Mr. Mayoh.

  2. Alan Frame

    Excellent interview. Very confident DL asking questions and clearly sharing his own knowledge. Stephen Heppell must have been impressed.

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