Sep 26

Digital Leaders @ Kirklandneuk Primary School

Kirklandneuk Primary School are just beginning their journey as Digital Leaders. The past few weeks we have been looking for our new recruits by giving out application forms and inviting the children to an interview.

The children were so engaged and enthusiastic during their interviews and throughout the whole process. It was so difficult to choose between the 30 children that applied!! We decided that we were going to split them in two and have ‘Senior Digital Leaders’ and ‘Digital Leaders’. The Seniors are going to take charge and take Circle Time’s and assemblies throughout the school.

We are looking forward to starting our journey and learning from one another. Have a look at our DL blog and see how happy they all were to be appointed.


Miss Lochhead


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    Welcome. Really like the certificates. We have had DLs for about 9/10 months and they have all really enjoyed everything they have done.

  2. Nicola Paterson

    Such an exciting time for our school! We have so many talented pupils with so much to learn and share.

    Thank you Miss Lochhead for introducing us to it.

    Miss Paterson

  3. Natalie Lochhead

    Thanks for your comments! So excited to get started. :)


  4. Robert Drummond

    Hi Natalie,

    I’m running a digital leaders group in Uphall, West Lothian. I’m also trying to get Scottish Digital Leader groups together to help them share ideas etc and to give the children chances to share and meetup online or in real life. Would you be interested in joining the Scottish Digital Leader Network Group on Google+, or would your children be interested in joining the Edmodo Scottish Digi Leaders group?

    My children are really to keen to share their ideas and meet like minded children!



    1. Natalie Lochhead

      I’ve e-mailed you Robert :) Thanks.


  5. Natalie Lochhead

    Hi Robert I am very interested, I will e-mail you.


  6. Michelle Sanchez

    I am hoping to set up digital leaders in our school shortly. I’d love to know how you use them throughout school and any other advice.

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