Nov 30

Digital Leaders of Little Harrowden CPS

First Digital Leaders from Little Harrowden CPS


Being a Digital Leader is great. There are lots of cool jobs to do around school. It is a real chance to show off our ICT skills. This is the first time Digital Leaders have been introduced into our school and we are looking forward to the responsibilities that lay ahead of us throughout the year.

Some of the Digital Leaders are thinking of doing an ICT club. We are also going to help set up the new Little Harrowden Primary School website.

Our school’s technician is going to give us a half an hour session to explain about the server that runs through the school. This shall help us to learn more about the school’s ICT.

One of our main responsibilities is to update our website as regularly as we can. Also, we are having a new learning platform that we are also going to have a part in called DBprimary.

To have a part in this important job, we had to complete an application form online. Once we did that, we had to have an interview which is on the website.

Our main responsibilities will take place after the Christmas Holidays. We are really looking forward to it. Thank you,

Digital Leaders of Little Harrowden CPS


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  1. @SheliBB

    What a great start you are having to your digital leader careers if you are going to run a club, set up a school website and a learning platform ! These are all very important jobs to do and it is great that you are able to lead on them! It is a good idea to spend time with the school’s technician too. I bet you will soon be great experts! I can’t wait to hear your news after Christmas! 😉

  2. Mrs Neale

    A very well done on your new roles as Digital Leaders at Little Harrowden CPS. I can’t wait to hear your news as you learn and teach. An ICT Club is a wonderful way to begin to spread your skills. I think you’ll have lots of children who will want to join.

  3. Ross Mannell

    Hello Little Harrowden CPS DLs,

    I can see you have been preparing for your main responsibilities after Christmas. In my case, I was an adult DL in schools from 1981 so I have seen many changes in technology over the years.

    You have a great opportunity to share your skills and knowledge in helping others and, in turn, will find yourself developing new skills. I know I did.

    Teacher (retired), N.S.W., Australia

  4. Miss Rudgalvis

    I work at Little Harrowden CPS and know how important these Digital Leaders are. Already I have made use of their skills and confidence in ICT to support other members of the class and it makes my job a lot easier! I am looking forward to seeing the new website and hopefully getting some willing helpers to contribute to a class blog – exciting times ahead!

  5. Matt Coleman

    Thank you to everyone for your comments so far. Speaking on behalf of the Little Harrowden Digital Leaders (I’m the teacher that introduced the idea to the school, interviewed and appointed the children), I can definitely say that your feedback is greatly appreciated by the children. Our DLs are very excited about their upcoming responsibilities! We’ll keep you posted on what we do…

  6. Mrs Foo

    I am very proud of our Digital Leaders at Little Harrowden CPS. I was particularly impressed with their assembly last week where they spoke so well about their role and their vision for ICT at school. They have so many exciting ideas. Well done to you all!

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