Mar 02

Digital Leaders @ Roydon Primary, what we have been doing!

At the moment we have been using Edmodo which is a social networking site, we use it to talk about ICT and things about what we have been doing. Also we have been using Scratch and Kodu which are cartoon programs for the computer and you can program your creature to do all sorts of things. Aswell as using the computers we have used the iPads, doing review on the apps, playing on the apps and making books on there.


  1. @SheliBB

    You have achieved a lot in a relatively short time Megan! Well done!

  2. Mr Mayoh

    Megan, it seems that you have been exceptionally busy in your role as a Digital Leader. It is very impressive to see you working hard to explore the use of lots of different new technologies in your school.

    I am excited to see the things you do over the coming weeks, months and years! Please keep posting on this blog so I can benefit from your expertise.

    Mr. Mayoh.

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