May 01

Digital Leaders Visit The Apple Store @RRIS

This week the Digital Leaders were so excited to go out on a workshop visit to the Norwich Apple Store in Chapelfield shopping centre.  We walked quickly as the sky looked rather grey in parts and luckily got there without getting wet!

We were greeted by Neil at the door and shown to our workstations, where we slipped on our lovely new yellow tshirts.  We spent the morning learning how to use the iMovie app.  First we took lots of little videos – trying to keep each clip down to 10 seconds, thinking about close-ups, middle and long shots!  We then learnt how to add them to the app and clip each video down to 2 seconds.  We added titles, sound effects, music and special effects.  There was so much to learn but we all managed to create a video which was uploaded on to a usb wristband for everyone to keep.  Now we are all experts we can go back to school and teach everyone else how to do it!  Hopefully the other half of the Digital Leaders who didn’t  come this time will go soon.

Please have a look at some of the pictures from the morning.


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