Apr 25

DLs leading on whole school E-Safety

I have had a brilliant week this week working with my Digital Leaders – they have helped me with whole school E-Safety work. They have been absolute stars – in particular Will and Matt this time!

The Digital Leaders have led on E-Safety – doing three large assemblies (KS3, KS4 and KS5) and have created resources to be used in tutor time next week to back up the messages shared with the school this week. They made videos on different E-Safety issues using Moviemaker, iMovie and VideoScribe (see links below) for the assemblies. They also made a quiz for form time using Python. All this while still managing requests from teachers on coaching with ipads, apps, software etc…

Liz Allton, Arden Academy – Solihull UK

Here is the Prezi used for the assemblies:

Here is today’s post from their blog http://digitalleadersarden.blogspot.

Our E Safety assemblies went really well! We presented to every year in school. We made some videos to back up our presentations; the links are at the bottom of this post. On Monday, we gave our first presentation to the Sixth Formers. We were nervous at first, because we didn’t know how they would receive our presentation, but they laughed at the jokes and seemed to be interested in what we had to say. It went well, and we were proud of our efforts. The next day, Tuesday, we were presenting to the Year 10’s and 11’s. We were particularly nervous, as it was the first time we would be presenting with our script. I think it went well, and the videos played seemed to have the desired effect. The last assembly, on the Wednesday morning, was to the Year 7’s, 8’s and fellow Year 9’s! The previous assemblies had been in the school hall, but for this special assembly involving 3 years, we presented in the larger sports hall. This time, Megan introduced the assembly and we all stood up and said our pieces. At the end, I was so relieved it had been done, but I was glad I’d done it. We all really enjoyed the experience and it helped build up our leadership skills. It was a chance to show the school how proud we felt to be Digital Leaders and to show them the skills we were building up by being one.

By Daisy Brown



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  1. Tracey Bowers

    How powerful your message must have been for your peers. I am so impressed with your prezi and the embedded youtube videos. My infant digital leaders also did an e-safety assembly for their peers – obviously on a very different level but the message was so much more effectively received because it came from them and not a teacher.

    In June I am presenting a workshop about Digital Leaders at the East Sussex ICT Conference – I would love to include your work during my talk as I want to showcase the achievements of DLs across all the keystages. Would you be happy for me to do this?

    Keep up the good work
    Tracey Bowers

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