Jan 31

Downlands DLs at BETT

On Wednesday we had a great day visiting the BETT show in London. Some of our children were presenting as part of the Kids Takeover on the FROG stand organised by @ianaddison. Others were with children at the Kidsmeet organised by the @NightZooKeeper. The children had a great time and enjoyed several freebies especially the free pic and mix!

If you are not sure whether it is worth taking yours take a look at our blog written by one of our DL on the train on the way home and the pics. One DL today told his teacher that he couldn’t concentrate on his work. He asked if he could have 5 mins thinking about yesterday and then he would be able to concentrate!

Downlands DLs Visit the BETT Show


  1. Mike Lane

    I thoroughly agree. It is a fantastic experience for kids; to present to other schools and peers who are similar to themselves is a great skill to larn and enhance upon. More companies should invite kids to be on their stands and to demonstrate how that piece of technology be it hardware or software has helped improved their learning, and for them to give on way on how it could be improved to make their learning even more engaging.

  2. Tom

    Amazing work!
    So very brave they are, presenting in front of an audience.
    I’m really interested in their work on thimble.
    When I was in primary school, the first step into programming was full on scripting, or the original scratch. Now, we have so many resources.

    Big well done from me


  3. Alan Frame

    Thank you for your comments. Mozilla Thimble great for children. Really easy to make web pages and you have the option to choose projects where a lot of the coding is done for you. A few of our DLs have developed a real interest in HTML and want to create the code themselves. Takes me back to updating the school website years ago so has a bit of sentimental value for me! They got inspired at the open badges at Mozilla and have been working away since.

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