Mar 30

Edmodo tutorial

Aimee and Megan created this Edmodo tutorial for the other digital leaders so that they could learn how to use their backpacks. What do you think?


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  1. @hezmar

    Well done girls – what a great tutorial! I’m just learning about Edmodo & would like to use it with my digital leaders so this was very helpful. I’m particularly impressed by how clearly you spoke – sometimes people speak much too quickly when being filmed & it’s hard to understand everything they say but you were very clear and easy to listen to. I’m also impressed that you didn’t worry when something didn’t work the first time (adding the link to your backpack) – you just used it as a teaching opportunity. Keep up the great work.

    Miss Marshall

  2. Aimee@Roydon

    Thank you Miss Marshall, and yes it’s true people speak to quickly sometimes and then you can’t hear them. Thank you so much for the complements that you gave us, we will be sure to cary on that way.

  3. Mr Mayoh

    Excellent work girls. This tutorial is clear and useful and demonstrates your fantastic ability to communicate effectively – a really important skill for you in your role as a Digital Leader and throughout your lives.

    Well done. I look forward to seeing more of your work on this blog.

    Mr. Mayoh.

  4. Miss Jackson

    This is an excellent example of a tutorial video. I am introducing digital leaders in my school this half term so I will be showing them this video so they can think about making their own. Well done :)

  5. Mr Mayoh

    Miss Jackson, I used to work down the road from Crowcroft Park! Nice to see you posting on our collaborative blog!

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