Dec 03

Getting to Grips with Gadgets @RRIS

It’s been a busy couple of weeks with the new Rec Road Radio station taking up lots of our time – but it is well worth it :) If you haven’t tuned in yet, go and have a listen to our podcasts now :)

We are very excited to announce that we have been asked to be part of a Digital Leader presentation at BETT 2016 at the ExCel Centre in London on 22nd January!  We are all really excited about it and can’t wait to go.  We are going to be talking about how we use technology in school and how we share what we know with other pupils and teachers.  We are hoping to demonstrate how we use Beebots and other programmable toys – so thought we would like to have another play ourselves. Could we write and programme an algorithm with more than 10 commands and not make a mistake? It was tricky but we did it :)

Beebots @RRISBeebots @RRISBeebots @RRIS

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