Nov 21

Greenfields Digital Leaders iPad Staff Meeting!

On Tuesday 20th November the digital leaders (here’s a link to our own blog!) held a staff meeting for iPads. Different people had different apps. I did the introduction in front of all the teachers and I was very nervous but I did and now all the teachers know how to use the basics on a iPad. Below you can see photos of our staff meeting and also find out about all the apps we demonstrated. You can also see that the opening of the meeting was quite explosive!
By Sam B

Here are some of the apps we showed to the teachers…

Explain Everything
Explain everything is an app which lets you explain everything.
When I showed this to the teachers they were all very excited. One or to asked if It could make a book, but it couldn’t so I said it couldn’t. Most of the teachers are going to use this in there class. You use this by drawing while you are talk king, and it makes a movie so you can explain everything. We have used this in math to explain fraction and many more things. I give this 8/10.
By Sam B.

Digital Leaders Staff Meeting Summary… By Molly

I think that the Digital Leader staff meeting went really well. Loads of the teachers really enjoyed everyone’s stations. My station had a mix and match of apps. Most the teachers enjoyed the ‘Phonics’ apps. The KS1 teachers thought that the ‘Phonics’ apps would be the for the little kids.

Here is a list of apps I showed: iMovie, Sock puppets, iSentence, Morris, Colour Splash, most of the Phonic apps and Action Movie. Most of these apps are very use full for school.

This is what I rate the apps:

iMovie: 9/10
Sock Puppets: 7/10
iSentence: 6/10
Morris: 10/10 (Amazing!)
Colour Splash: 9/10
Phonics apps: 8/10
Action Movie: 9/10

So, to sum up. I reckon that the Digital Staff Meeting was an AMAZING hit! I would love to do it again!
Thank-you for reading.
By Molly R (Maple Class)

GarageBand is great! It's a terrific app that helps people create music easily and efficiently. The best thing is you don't need to know any music to make a super song! 
It can be used by the youngest child to the oldest university student everyone can use it! The teachers all seemed to love it and so do the kids! We can use it for music lessons and as a fun way to practice your instrument! You can make amazing compositions in a few minutes.

Maths Sumo…
Hello – this is an iPad game for all ages! The idea of the game is to compete 1 on 1 and complete basic maths sums. The level is very easy and even though it is for all ages – it would probably be better in KS1.

Operation Maths…
This app is has adding, multiplication, division, subtraction. You are locked in a room, no escape except a door with a maths problem what I’f you can’t answer it? This game is brilliant for you maths mission training!!!!!!!!!

To get more reviews go online and search whatever app you want – there will be more reviews everyday for you to read!
By Isaac.
Lego Movie Review

To use Lego movie you first choose a title frame and then take as many pictures you want you can add music, change the picture effect and change the speed then either preview it or go ahead and make you Lego movie! It will play it then you can publish it to YouTube or save it to camera roll.
By Sam G.
My lesson of art apps went very well many teachers enjoyed my talk and I’d like to do it again. It was fun and many teachers gave it a go as well. This app would be Good for year 5/6 as they make greek pots in that year and it’s great to choose you’re shape and design. It is a great app when using just for fun and is very amusing when you make random pots. beat your friends and see who makes the money at aution! I give It a 8 / 10 there is also another app I used called crayola LCC and it is all about creating your own picture and making it imaginary person in your body I rate it a 6 /10 as it crashes sometimes.

By Emily B.


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  1. DL@EPP

    Well Done !!!!!!

  2. @SheliBB

    What a great post Greengfields digital leaders! I am going to show my digital leaders this tomorrow because they are doing an iPad staff meeting on Monday and I think they can learn from you! Our headteacher thinks that it is fantastic that digital leaders teach the teachers!

    What an impressive group of DLs you are! Well done Emily, Sam, Molly, Isaac and Sam. Keep up the good work! :-)

  3. Gr8ict

    Dear Greenfields digital leaders,
    I really enjoyed reading your reviews. I have older DLs and they do important things like teach the teachers too – see http://www.gr8ict.com/digital-leaders/2012/11/11/the-vision-groups-of-dls-sharing-ideas-with-teachers/

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    […] It also encourages a real interest in ICT as it has a purpose: sharing knowledge. Here’s a great blog post about a staff meeting Digital Leaders held with the aim of teaching teachers how to use iPads; […]

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