Sep 03

Guest Blog: Brave new world

Digital leaders has run as a scheme at the school I work in for the past few years now and I have to say I’ve been astounded by the patience, drive, maturity and learning that the students involved have undergone through the process. It is quite literally one of the best student initiatives I’ve worked on. They inspire me almost daily. Anyone who sees ‘Digital Leaders’ as ‘geeks’ and ‘computer nerds’ are missing the point. Digital Leaders have proven themselves in many skills areas. Here are some of the activities that some of ours have undergone.


  • Primary school training / link work
  • Training staff
  • Preparing training materials
  • Running training events
  • Speaking at TeachMeets with almost 200 teachers present
  • Preparing and creating training screencasts
  • Learning new tools without any support

I have been humbled by their passion, drive and determination.

Things are changing at our school though – we are launching a whole school iPad scheme this year and the involvement of the Digital Leaders will be pivotal to its success.

The question is: do I continue with Digital Leaders continuing their work as is and have separate ‘Genius’ style iLeaders who can lead on the iPad work in school? Do the Digital Leaders become rebranded as iLeaders? What do you suggest? I still want the DLs to continue their amazing work, but I’m also keen for them to get to grips with using the RPi’s I’ve just purchased too and still get their experience of training, learning and experiencing iPad.

What do you think?

Mark Anderson @ICTEvangelist


  1. Lewis Smallwood

    Happy to be a Digital Leader, iLeader or both.
    Although the Digital Leaders teach everything, iLeaders are just iPad trainers perhaps the Digital Leaders should do both and teach others with a wider range of technology’s.

  2. Sheli

    That’s a hard one because I know that my digital leaders ended up doing mostly iPad things by the end of the year. I think that there are two jobs there, but I will stick to digital leaders at school for the simple reason that I don’t have time to support two groups. It may be something that I ask other teachers in school though, but I think most of our students would apply for the iPad job rather than the digital leader one. Has given me food for thought!

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