Jul 17

Holme Valley Primary School 3rd Millennium award!

Take a look at this video from the digital leaders at Holme Valley. It is the film they submitted for their Naace 3rd Millenium award! The digital leaders played a huge part in the planning, recording and choosing what clips to use. Didn’t they do a fantastic job?!



  1. Ruth Grimwood

    Thank you for sharing this video – it is fantastic! It was great to see all the ICT that you are using across the school! I will be showing this to my Digital Leaders to inspire them. Thanks very much for sharing and congratulations in your award – well deserved!

  2. Andy Knill

    Many congratulations on a well deserved award. I hope that the possibilities for you at Key Stage 3 and 4 are as good. I will recommend your film to schools in our local Digital Leader network as well where we have pupils who will be inspired at Key stages 1,2,and 3.

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