Aug 02

Implementing BYOD In Schools: Policies, training and trialling

A BYOD implementation strategy for a whole-school has to be more water-tight than a duck: Forgive me if I lapse into jargon. There are so many different aspects which have to be lined up simultaneously that at times it feels like shooting basketballs into hoops but only getting points if five go in at exactly the same time! You need to formulate all the right policies; You need to get the network capacity right; You need staff to understand, accept and buy into the rationale behind any such scheme, and see the potential it would have for transforming teaching and learning in their classrooms. Only THEN can you start to train them, and to start class trials.

Before I go into exactly WHAT we taught our staff in order to prepare them for this year, perhaps I can impart a few lessons we learnt about the juggling process first…

BYOD In Schools – An Implementation Strategy Part 2

Juggling: A must-learn skill for BYOD roll-outs

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