Nov 14

JHNCC Radio – A game of snakes and ladders

This term, we launched our school radio, entitled, rather boringly, JHNCC Radio. We’ve really enjoyed it, and it’s been a fun experience so far for the presenters. Although, for the production management team, it has, on the other hand, been a complete nightmare, especially me!


Our radio show consists of mainstream professionally produced music, and in the future we hope to include music produced by people in the school. This is a while off though, mind, turns out that recording is a bigger deal than we first thought. Our presenters (kind volunteers, not just DLs though) also take an opportunity to talk to the school through our make-shift multi-location audio system, a netbook with VLC streaming hooked up to the PA system and patched in to the studio.


Sadly, our broadcasts have been unwillingly paused for the last few days. Turns out, some teachers aren’t overly happy about the music being as loud in the staff room as the rest of the school, and keep having the netbook unplugged from the PA system. They say it’s too loud in the staff room, or they can’t hear the phones. Both reasons are understandable, but it’s really frustrating.

Secondly, a phantom person damaged equipment in the room we had been given access to by our media technician. This technician trusted me with access to the studio, which overlooked the dance/drama studios. Somebody had modified wiring in one of the systems, disabling the projector in the below dance studio leaving the media technician spending a large amount of time fixing it. This has taken our opportunity to use the room away from us.


We have, however, found a new temporary location for our broadcasts. This is only temporary though, since it’s inside of a staff workroom. Sorry Ms Burrows!


Wish us luck! :)


-Tom Farrow

Year 9 DL, JHNCC


  1. @SheliBB

    What an exciting project Tom! I wish you the very best of luck with this – both now and in the future!

  2. Mr Gray

    This sounds very interesting! Would love to find out more

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