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Blogging tips

Adding your own post couldn’t be more simple! After you have logged in by scrolling down on the right hand side, click on the +NEW tab at the top of the screen, then post. The cursor will be in the title box, so add your title. In the main body of your post, you can add media or links and play around with fonts and format. Don’t forget to scroll down and on the left hand side add tags so that others can find your post quickly.

Don’t forget to publish your post! It will not appear until after it has been moderated, so please be patient. This is to keep everyone safe with blogging and to make sure that posts are appropriate.

Safe blogging

Don’t forget these simple rules to keep you safe when blogging:

  • Never add your full name to your blog post or any personal information.
  • Make sure your posts and comments are about your work as a digital leader
  • When leaving comments, be respectful of what other digital leaders have been doing. The bloggers on this site are all different ages. Disrespectful comments will not be published. Happy blogging!



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  1. Jan Felton

    Dear Members,

    I’m Jan Felton, an educator and a regular blogger. I want to contribute my ideas at Digital Leader Network. But as suggested in the blogging tips to log in and add new post, I’m not able to do it because there is no option to register..

    Therefore, it’s my request to help me out with the registration process or suggest me any other way to contribute to this blog.

    Waiting for a positive response from your end.

    Thanks & Regards,
    Jan Felton

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