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Networking schools

Check out all the schools who employ digital leaders and are involved in some way with the digital leader network. Adding your school enables others to make links with you, which could encourage cross-school collaboration. The instructions below will help if you would like to add your school to the map. 

View Digital Leader Network in a larger map
To put a placemark on the map you will need to be signed into your google account (doesn’t have to be gmail, can be any email that you use with Youtube, Gapps etc). Then click the red edit button on the side. After that you can add a pin to your location by clicking on the blue pin once, then when it appears drag it to where you want it. Once it is placed (you can move it around if needed) it will bring up a box in which you can add your school details, photos, video links etc. 


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  1. Sheralee Clark

    Hi I thought I had already registered, but maybe not. I am a secondary school cover supervisor currently working in a primary school 1.5 days a week. I set up a Digital Leaders Group in September. I have 5 female digital leaders, who have been planning an assembly, reporting and blogging on what is happening at school. We have recently installed Kodu and some other software which the digital leaders will be exploring after half term. I know Sway from Bradwell Village School and have contacted her to ask her to get her DL’s to comment on our blog, but would be good to get some others to comment on it which might be able to. Done via the network.

    I am always looking for new ideas that might be useful for the digital leaders. Can I register to et updates from the blog at all?


  2. Amanda Hardy

    I am wishing to set up a Digital Leader programme in my school and wondered if there would be a chance to find out more information or attend any networking meetings with other ICT coordinators?

    Please let me know asap.


  3. @SheliBB

    Where in the country are you Amanda and I’ll see if I can find others near you.


  4. Delon Commosioung

    I am very interested in setting up digital leaders at my college, would you be able to point me in the right direction as this site seems to be school orientated.

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