Jun 27

LLS Digital Leaders (LLSDLs) reporting on #DLNY13

Firstly, a big thank you to Mr. Davis and Mr. Smith for supervising travel digital_leaders_best_103
for LLS and Pindar School’s DLs who joined us for the trip. Unfortunately, Pickering Community Junior School DLs couldn’t be with us, but we look forward to the Year 6 DLs joining us next year when they come into Year 7. We needed to keep our spirits high when our bus broke down, but looking on the bright side, when we got there, everyone had waited for us – a good thing as we were giving one of the first talks.


The conference was a great success with 10 schools, 87 DLs (both primary and secondary) and 30 digital_leaders_best_106coordinators. Lady Lumley’s DLs gave 4 of the 8 presentations,  explaining how we work together and work with teachers to

– inspire better learning using ICT by sharing ideas and building confidence with our teachers.
– pass on this vision to other year groups and share these ideas with Digital Leaders in other schools.
Tyler and Jon also did a takeover talk during Mr Sharples’ presentation to explain about Code Club and how the Year 7s and Year 9s work with Mr Smith and Mr Makinson..

As well as the presentations through the day, the organisers had set up activities anddigital_leaders_best_110 competitons for all the DLs too. There was a bebot competition, to see who could navigate a bebot (a kind of robot) closest to a teddy bear in the middle of a maze. There was a wall quiz, which tested us on the knowledge of technology and the conference. The questions were on bits of paper around the building, which we had to find and answer. There was also a big bit of white paper on a table which you could draw on, and the best doodle won. Our drawings of our mascot, a digital lemur and Mr Sharples unfortunately didn’t win. However we did win the challenge to see who could send the most tweets about the conference and Will won a chocolate bar for this. These activities made the day even better!

Finally, we hope to keep networking with the other DL.s we met! Read more at www.llsdigitalleaders.net © LLS Digital Leaders.

(NB. All our DLs were a great credit to the school – This was a real conference atmosphere. They gave high quality talks to real audiences and are helping to lead the way in North Yorkshire along with the other schools present… well done to everyone concerned – Mr Sharples @gr8ict)

Jonathan Boyd, Tally Costello, Liam Dawson

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  1. @SheliBB

    This sounds absolutely amazing! I really wish I could have been there as I could have learned new ideas to bring back for future DL events in Norfolk. Well done LLS for leading the way!

    Our bus broke down once on the way back from a residential. It turned into an adventure that the children still talk about!!

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