Oct 25

Makewaves Offer for Digital Leader Coordinators / DL schools

Sheli;  I; Mark Riches (Makewaves);  Tim Riches (Digital_Me) and Glyn (SSAT) have an offer for anyone who runs Digital Leaders in their schools.

I am coordinating a number of North Yorkshire Primary and Secondary schools to contribute towards a Digital Leader Network using the Makewaves Social Learning Environment – read more here and  here.

Sheli and a number of other regulars from #dlchat are also joining with their Digital Leaders.

Makewaves has a Basic joining package which is free.  See https://www.makewav.es/join  They are offering that schools who wish to join us using the platform can join in the usual way, but if you add “Digital Leader Network” in the Promo Code Box on the Terms & Conditions, then your school can be part of the Digital Leader Network on Makewaves sharing channels and a main page.

This means that Digital Leaders across the UK will be able to share stories, blogs and comments in a secure environment. 

I firmly believe that this is the next step, for Digital Leader content to be generated by students and shared in an environment that is second nature to them.  If the interest that it has generated with my DLs in the last week is anything to go by, get on board and give your DLs the same opportunities…  there’s an App for Android and iOS, and

Makewaves is also the platform for Open Digital Leader Badges from DigitalMe.  The first three have been made available and will be shown at Mozfest 2013 this weekend.

I hope this is of interest,
24th October 2013


  1. Natalie

    Signed up! Looking forward to using it!

  2. missbrayford

    Signed up, just forgot to reference Digital Leaders in the promo code. Can’t wait to try it out.

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