Apr 20

Making a Flappy Bird game @RRIS

This afternoon the Digital Leaders made their own Flappy Bird games with the help of the code.org website.  They worked through the activities and felt confident at the end to have a go themselves.  They were able to change many variables like the icon for the player (Superman, Batman or the Easter Bunny for example), the background for the game (underwater, in a cave or in the night sky) and the type of obstacle to avoid (pipes, plants, chimneys.)  At the end of the afternoon many had earned their Hour of Code certificates and were keen to let others play their game.  All the Digital Leaders are looking forward to sharing what they have learnt with their class.  Why not click on the picture below and have a go at the game Olly made – you can’t die in it as he didn’t want to make it too difficult!

Flappy Bird RRIS

RRIS Digital Team Blog

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