Jan 17

Mozilla Badgeathon – Downlands School and IPACA Academy

Today we took some of our Digital Leaders to the Mozilla Badgeathon. We travelled on the train, meeting up with Digital Leaders from IPACA Academy Portland on the train, to London and walked to Mozilla’s offices. The children were very impressed. CLICK HERE for some of the photographs of the day. I have put a brief caption with each, but will get the DLs to elaborate on what they were doing next week.


  1. Bob Harrison

    Great to meet you all yesterday…..inspirational :)

  2. @SheliBB

    I was so impressed with you guys yesterday and how you quickly settled down to learn new skills. You are great digital leaders and very brave to stand up and present in front of a much older audience! I could see how proud your teachers were of you- I felt proud too! keep up the good work!

  3. Alan Frame

    Thank you for your comments. Thank you also for your contributions to the day. It was a fantastic experience for the children.

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