Nov 07

Mozilla Festival

We all woke up at 6:00 and all exited for the day to go to London (MozFest). We all met at school telling each other what we had for breakfast and some people were still eating their breakfast!

Finally, we arrived at the train station about to blow with excitement. We sat on the train comfortably and ready to go. It took us over 2hrs to get there. As we pulled up to the station (Waterloo) we could see landmarks including the Shard and the London Eye. We walked to the London Underground.

We had a debate of what the Ravensborne College of what the shape could be. At first we thought that it was a cube but then we all looked the other side and we all had no idea what the shape could be.

We all went inside the building and we saw Foxy the Firefox and we all had our picture taken. When it was Miss Twist’s turn foxy hugged her and she Screamed!

Everyone went in the lift to floor 7 where everything was to do with badges. A lady called Alison came over to talk a bit about online badges and what things we are going to do.

One group went to explore MozFest, one group went to interview people and other group stayed to explain the work they had completed on badges and played on Mozilla Thimble while they were waiting.

We went exploring first. We got the chance to do some 3D modelling, it was cool because we just piled it up with paper and glue. The were some circular screens. One person was using a Makey Makey was surprised that we knew what it was. We saw a 3D printer being used.

The group met and interviews some really interesting people from all over the world. It was a bit scary interviewing strangers, but we got more confident.

On the badge station we had the chance to design a badge. We chose the bad joke badge and Mr Frame our headteacher tried to earn it, but we laughed at all his jokes so he didn’t earn it.

After that we had lunch.There were sandwiches provided for us.

We walked down the corridor to the conference and we talked about our badges. A couple of us talked as well as Mr Frame. I said, “If the badge wasn’t there we wouldn’t of bothered.” A teacher from another school played a game of Spoon, knife and fork with us. That was lots of fun!

Before we went we got a free bag ,pencil case with a pen + Mozilla sweets (they were tasty) also badges and two different stickers you could chose from! Wow. We are lucky!

We came out of the College ready to go on the tube back to Waterloo station. When we got on the train Mr Frame gave us a donut each and some of us fell asleep!

That really was a super day! Wish we started this day over again. Interviewing, badges and exploring MozFest was lots and lots of fun!!!!!!!

by Charlie and Madeline

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