Mar 13

Newbridge DLs trial some new apps

At Digital Leaders recently we have been looking at new apps that could be put onto the I-pads. These include:

  • Numbler
  • Easy Measure
  • Daisy the Dino
  • Cato’s Hike

Reviewing them we have decided that Daisy the dino is a good app for school because it is easy to use, you can start to program and we think it would be ideal for years 3 & 4 and we have found a way to link this into our learning because on our school computers we have a programming app called Kodu .There is another programming app called Cato’s hike which we have decided is not as good as Daisy the dino.


Have you used either Cato’s Hike or Daisy the Dino?  Which do you prefer?  Please let us know in the comments below.


Joel, Lottie and Morgan

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