Nov 07

News From the North-West

The Freshers’ Fair , or as we call it the “Get Involved” Fair at Broughton Business and Enterprise College, Preston, resulted in a  number of newbies joining  Media Club.  We  now have some 20 students aged 11 -14 experimenting with technology, sourcing new apps, developing their blogging skills … Including designing blogs and much much more, for 90 mins after school on a Tuesday.

Six of the team are currently  preparing a 30 minute  radio show to present on Preston  FM later this month.

Some of the older pupils are already accomplished digital leaders and have already got our newbies up to speed with Edmodo, creating avatars, and  using Google Docs and Symbaloo.

Later this term we hope to hold a drop in for staff to learn how to use a range of apps on the iPads, which they have been experimenting with since the summer.  It isn’t easy finding a time when staff and pupils can get together but with a bit of creative timetabling over form time or a bit of juggling over the lunch hour, it will hopefully happen.

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