Oct 25

Night Zookeeper Mission three!

In the weeks leading up to the digital leader Kidsmeet event on the 23rd November 2012 we would like to challenge all students to complete a series of different missions.

These missions will be posted on the Night Zoo Teacher blog along with the DLnetwork blog. Students can submit their entry in lots of ways: By posting on their class blog, commenting on the DLnetwork blog or by
asking their teachers to email their work to roar@nightzookeeper.com so we can post it here for them. A new mission will arrive on both blogs every Thursday evening for the next 6 weeks.

Your third mission is:


Watch the above video produced by National Geographic and write instructions to explain 3D printing. Questions that you may like to consider:

1. What type of objects can be 3D printed?

2. What materials are used during the process?

Good luck!

Paul Hutson

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  1. @SheliBB

    What a great mission! I may have to do this challenge too 😉

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