Mar 20

Night Zookeeper visits Roydon!

Last Friday Night Zookeeper came to Roydon primary school we had a go on the drawing torch app  on the i pads and Ellie and Lauren explained how to use drawing torch on the i pads the star means missions everyone manged to complete some and then after about 10 mins they all got the hang of it.we also had a go at making our own night zoo so everyone had to complete a weird drawing of a animal e.g. a frog and hippo or  sea horse and giraffe. Then we went onto Google and typed in night zookeeper and clicked on the first one which takes you to there website. after that we created our own user account we made up our own username and password we had to put in a code so that we could connect  are animals into the zoo were everyone’s animals were. other people had a little extra time to do a puppet palls .We (us digital leaders) would just like to say what a amazing afternoon we had with Paul the night zoo keeper.

By Ellie Leeper and Lauren Gibson

Digital Leaders






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  1. Night Zookeeper Paul

    Wow, what a wonderful report and excellent pictures of the day. I really enjoyed being part of your red nose day celebrations and I can honestly say that I have never before eaten so many cakes in 24 hours before. Keep up your great digital work!

    Night Zookeeper Paul

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