Apr 23

Nightzookeeper and Digital Leaders at Elm Park Primary

Another great guest post by our @nightzookeeper friends!

We delivered a Night Zookeeper day at the amazing Elm Park Primary school last week. However, this day was not just about magical animals and and self expression. The teachers leading this project have decided to bring in digital experts from classrooms across the school to mentor Year 1 children.


The digital leaders have all been assigned two young students to coach throughout the 10 week period. They will take on different tasks each week from uploading information to websites and blogs to creating stop motion animations. It was great to see the children’s communication skills being tested from the very start of the day. The animal aerobics session certainly helped to break the ice and gave the students a relaxed situation to get to know one another. They then moved into the classroom to help the younger children construct basic sentences and stretched their level of vocabulary. We also found time to work our way through some of the creative missions on the Drawing Torch iPad App. The digital leaders took the lead during this session and were able to answer every question their younger counterparts posed.


We rounded off the day with a creative painting session, which enabled the children to produce artistic representations of their magical animals. The digital leaders then learnt how to use www.nightzookeeper.com to create their own digital zoo. They will take this learning into the session next week and teach the Year 1 children how to upload their creations.

I will be involved in the project along the way through the use of video chat software as well as coveritlive, which I’ll be using to lead a live writing session from within the Night Zoo. I am excited to see how the children progress throughout the next 10 weeks. It will be particularly interesting to assess the witness the impact the project has on their social and communication skills.


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