Jan 17

Open badges: A students views

There’s been lots of chatter on Twitter about badges, and quite a few posts here.

However, everything has had one thing in common so far: Written by teachers. While one category of person’s perspective is great, two makes for double that. So here’s what I, and the other digital leaders from John Henry Newman Catholic College have to say.


Open badges is a really nice idea. It means we can be rewarded for life. Unlike a sticker, or a certificate, a digital badge is there for as long as the server is there. I can’t see mozilla shutting down anytime soon.

A badge isn’t a sticker, so why should it resemble one? I was inspired to write this paragraph by one of the badges being designed at today’s badgeathon. They asked all the young people such as me “Is it better for us to incorrectly spell words to make it look cool, or spell them correctly”. Personally, I agree with correct spelling, and so did the majority of the room. In a digital age of bad grammar, spelling and punctuation, it struck me that this made a big difference to everyday life.


I know myself, we all come across as ungrateful towards rewards sometimes; the hidden pride. I’ve seen almost everyone do it, including myself. The whole physiology is pretty crazy. The honest truth is that we are secretly proud of ourselves inside, but don’t want to show it. Being so proud of a reward, we want to take the biggest opportunity out of it as possible. Imagine what it would feel like to put so much effort in to something that a teacher wants to recognise you for it, and the teacher issues you a badge with incorrectly spelt words. It must feel quite disheartening that you’ve done so much, but the teacher hasn’t even spelt a word right!

As for badges in Digital Leaders, let’s start issuing them. As digital leaders, we pioneer the way for our schools digital movement. Maybe our recipience of open badges could encourage headteachers to put a badges ecosystem in place for curricular recognition.



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  1. Bob Harrison

    It was good to meet you all yesterday and especially Babak,Liam,Tom,Dylan and Mr Harvey. I have written an article on my day at Mozilla and my conversation with you.

    You will see it on http://www.agent4change.net

  2. @SheliBB

    I really enjoyed reading this post and it was great to actually meet you yesterday. I am in awe of your mature attitude and what you guys know and I think it is great that you are able to share your skills by being a digital leader. I agree with your opinion on spellings – and you are quite right when you say that people find it hard to accept praise. It is a very British thing I think!
    Looking forward to reading more posts from you!


    Thanks Sheli, and Bob!
    I really enjoy writing for the DLN. It gives digital leaders a stronger, more global student voice.

  4. Daniel Harvey

    What a fabulous response from a delightful young man – a true digital leader with clear ideas and ability to share and communicate vision
    Thanks TF

    1. DL@JHNCC

      Many thanks for your comment, Mr Harvey.

  5. H Nolan

    A very mature, interesting and thoughtful post. I am looking forward to hearing about your day and the new ideas you have. Well done!

    1. DL@JHNCC

      Thank you Miss Nolan!

  6. Mr Mayoh

    A great post, thanks for sharing. I totally agree with your opinions about pride and spellings!

    1. DL@JHNCC

      Thanks for the great feedback!

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