Feb 03

Our day at #BETT2013 – PCSA Digital Leaders


It was an early start for us, we were leaving at 7:00am and had to punctual. We met at the main reception and waited for the minibus- I was not there long though! As we got onto the minibus, Mr Smart explained to us that we would be making a video diary as the day went on. James made the first account in the dark, just as we were leaving.

After an hour or so in the bus, we stopped off at a service station. There was free wifi — we want slightly mad!! After trooping back to the minibus Mr Smart gave Jack (Bishop) an iPad mini; to make a video for the diary. He explained where we were and how long we had been travelling. He also told us about the wifi in the service station!!! It was quite a funny entry.

At about half eleven we arrived (finally!) at the London ExCel, where BETT was held. Lily and Katie made anther entry into the diary explaining that we had arrived and showing the ExCel.

After logging in and getting our badges we all went to find the brain pop stand — where we would be presenting later. We had an hour and a half to have a look around – that’s when the freebie collections started!

At half past one we were all back, behind the screen on the BrainPop stand. But, Mr. Smart was still on his way!!While we waited we talked about what stands we had been towns what they were all about. Fifteen minutes later and we were all ready to get going with the presentation.


The presentation went well and everyone was happy about it. After going off for a further half an hour we started to leave, and got back in the minibus. Fast forward an hour and we still hadn’t left London! We were stuck in traffic and we weren’t moving, at this point we were starting to worry about how late we would be back.
Three and a half hours later we were back At school after an amazing day!★

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  1. Tom

    Love the ideas of vlogs.
    Looks like it was an amazing event!

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