Jul 02

Our first #DLchat #UKedchat teachtweet


On the 18th July #UKedchat and #DLchat will join forces to share some of the good digital leader practice that is already happening in schools. The aim of this is to inspire more schools to employ digital leaders  – and I’m sure we will do that when we show the benefits and showcase their skills. For those schools who have employed them, but just need a bit of inspiration, there will be some good ideas for resources that your digital leaders can investigate and introduce into schools.

If you want to share your digital leader tutorials or showcase their work, sign up here. Ideas can include such things as a tutorial for a digital resource, an idea of how to use technology in class, a video diary of an event, a website review or a general film about what DLs do in your school. They should be no more than 5 minutes, but can be just a minute long if you prefer. This could prove to be another great example of cpd for our digital leader community!

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