Oct 06

Our first jobs!

My new digital leaders have started the year full of excitement about the role and the possibilities it will bring. The first task they have been assigned is to get to grips with Edmodo, find their back packs and chat to DLs from other schools. They are also making games using sketch nation on the ipad. These are screen shots of Ruby’s games, which are fab! 













The next jobs are to get blogging, create a @Nightzookeeper game for the digital leader kidsmeet competition, complete the missions from @nightzookeeper, review BrainPop and help deliver TA training workshops. It’s going to be a busy half term! 


What are your digital leaders doing?



  1. Mscoxenglish

    The digital leaders at Broughton Business and Enterprise College (30 of them) are also learning Edmodo in after school Media Club each week. They are working towards a number of badges that will enable them to teach each other, their classmates and their teachers.

    Check out what Louis did last week: http://theflyingmemo.blogspot.co.uk/2012/10/louis-and-animations.html

  2. charlotte

    The brunswick digital leaders are using edmodo too! We find it very fun! We are testing out ipad apps aswell.

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