Nov 08

Our First Skype Meeting @RRIS

The DL’s were excited today as we had the opportunity to have our very first Skype meeting with a group of children from the Brighton area, who were having a special DL Day of their own. Sadly their speakers weren’t working so we had to type messages to them but we could hear and see everything that was going on. We can’t wait until our next go!

We couldn't wait to say hello!

We couldn’t wait to say hello!

This is what we thought of our first experience:

“It was fun” Charlotte

“I really liked Skyping” Stella

“It was fantastic” Laura

“It was so cool” Ben

“It was great to experience Skype at school, it was awesome” Rudy

“It was cool to meet other children” Callum

“I really liked seeing other children on Skype” Abby

We also got a special mention in the Hertford Digital Leaders blog – have a look at it here.

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