Jan 29

OzDLs – Down Under Digital Leaders

Having emigrated to Australia in October last year, one of the things I was most sad to be leaving (aswell as family, friends, Nice ‘N Spicy Nik Naks and Leeds United) was the Digital Leaders network. I had a lovely set of DLs in my school (check out http://www.digitalleadernetwork.co.uk/?p=377 and get in touch with them if you want to know more about what our adventures together) and was just starting to see the beginnings what is now a monster movement in the UK.

I think that Digital Leaders is one of the most important things happening in education right now and I have written about that here. On that site you can see I am trying to bring Digital Leaders to Australia in a big way. I have already been into some schools and given advice/talks and seen some really good stuff. There was also http://www.teachmeet.net/studentmeet-sydney-19th-october-2012/ last year. All this shows that DLs is happening here as well. But this is a big country (bigger than the USA!!) so perhaps it will take more time.

One area I think we should all focus on at this point is getting some rigorous research complete. A university level study of the impact of DLs perhaps. This may then convince and even wider spread of people of the benefits of DLs.

What do you think to that idea? If you think you may be interested then let me know and we can “push things forward”

Nick Jackson




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  1. @BHP

    From Dillon Brunswick House DL

    It would be fabulous to collaborate with Digital Leaders in other countries.

    I am a good digital leader because I listen well and pay attention all the time. I love being a digital leader it is a great experience.

  2. @SheliBB

    Sounds like a great idea and I would be very interested in studying the impact of digital leaders in the future. Research into this could clarify impact and persuade schools to get going with digital leaders. Count me in! (Could finish my masters with it!)

  3. Nick

    Thanx for ur reply Dillon. Would you be interested in writing a little piece for me on the ozdls website saying similar to what you have said here in wanting to collaborate with DLs here in Australia and I will then try and get you connected to some schools. Also, have a chat the person in charge of Digital Leaders in your school about this and see if they want to get other DLs in your school involved.

  4. Tom

    I totally agree with Dillon.
    Working wit someone in another country would be amazing. Who needs quad blogging for dls?
    We have the DLN!


  5. @SheliBB

    Would be great to have a page on the DLN exactly for that purpose! Global DLN!

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