Feb 27

Creating Animations @RRIS

Who doesn’t like making their own animation? This week we have been learning to make our own animations with the help of the website ABCya – it is really easy to create a background and add your own drawings or ready prepared clipart. You can move the things around the screen making them bigger and smaller. We got the hang of it in no time and are looking forward to showing our classes and making up our own stories to share with the rest of the school.

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Feb 22

Presentations using Textease Presenter @RRIS

We have seen the teachers use presentations and wanted to know how to make some for ourselves. Textease Presenter is an easy children’s version of MS Powerpoint and it didn’t take us long to make a presentation about our favourite things. We are looking forward to teaching our classes how to do them.

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Feb 16

Making ‘Guess Who’ with Textease Branch @RRIS

This week we learnt how to use Textease Branch to make a ‘Guess Who’ style game. You selected all your items (which all had something in common – like animals, or sports etc) then you input questions that had a yes or no answer and split the items into their correct group. When you had finished all the questions you could play the game. We really enjoyed making the games and testing everyone’s out to see if they worked correctly. We also had two guest children with us as 2 digital leaders were away :)

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Jan 18

Finished E-safety Board Games @RRIS

The Digital Leaders have worked so hard – here are our first set of finished games – why not download them and play them in your school on Safer Internet Day! Click on the links underneath the pictures – you should be able to print them out at A4 size.

E-safety Board Game @RRISAmelie and Bea E-safety Board Game @RRISWilliam and Elliott E-safety Board Game @RRISMia and Alice E-safety Board Game @RRISMarlie and Hanna E-safety Board Game @RRISLola and Tilly
E-safety Board Game @RRISLeo and Archie

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Jan 16

Making E-safety Board Games @RRIS

This half term the Digital Leaders and year 2 are making board games for the year 1 children to play based around the theme of e-safety.  Firstly we designed the game on paper and are now transferring that to Textease – using snap to grid to make the game look super smart.  We will be adding a bit to the game board each week ready to play it in our Internet Safety week.

E-safety Board Games @RRIS E-safety Board Games @RRIS E-safety Board Games @RRIS E-safety Board Games @RRIS

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Jan 06

Safer Internet Day 2017 @RRIS

Our school has registered to be a Safer Internet Day supporter and over the next 5 weeks all the year 2 children will be designing esafety board games for the year 1 children to play.  We will be having an extra special focus in Internet Safety Day week too.


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